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The FC Forum (October 29th—November 1st, 2009) was organized by:


Mayo Fuster Morell / Networked Politics

Free Knowledge Institute

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Global Lives Project










Executive Production:
Simona Levi, Mónica Garrido, Ana Gozalbo // WebMistress: Agueda Bañón // Social Networks: Carles Biano // Translation: Nuria Rodriguez, Eva Reyes

How Other People Have Participated:
“If you would like to participate in the forum, as listener, you are welcome: it is open to everybody and there is no need to register in advance. Out of respect for the work of people who have spent months planning and defining the structure, logistics and objectives of the gathering (and so that it can produce the best results in such a short time) there will be a system of moderation for the interventions of people who want to speak and are not guest participants. We have had to introduce this system in order to avoid straying from the objectives of the Forum. Keep in mind that the Forum is not designed to extend the scope of the debate (this is also essential, but other spaces exist for doing so), but to narrow down a series of specific demands and coordinate strategies. Neither is it a chance to publicize events or projects, although it is a place for networking spaces for action. For these reasons, people who want to speak at the forum and are not on the program of registered participants, will be able to do so through prior agreement with a moderator, who will not allow interventions that do not take the above into account. We have had to create this system because we have received many proposals that are very interesting but are outside of the objectives that have been set.

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